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I believe in solving business problems for customers long-term which will create the best business opportunities.

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  •  Bay Area, San Francisco & Denver, Colorado


5 Types of Product Managers in High Demand Right Now

Author / ORIGINAL text comes from Great products are the heartbeat of any successful SaaS business, this is why Product Managers are in high demand today. Product Managers can come in many forms, ranging from Generalist PMs to Growth PMs to Technical PMs and even Platform PMs. Different companies seem to require PMs with […]

Successful Strategies for Products that Win

Book Summary — The Four Steps to the Epiphany   The book provides hands-on instructions on how to go about customers, sales, marketing and building your company at different stages of your business. It can be dry at times, but looking back on it it’s a great checklist on what to do when.   Most […]

The Only Product Strategy framework you need !

  An insight-driven and well-thought-out product strategy plan can drive an industry into the adoption of a hidden need.     Watch the following report by CNBC on how Apple forced a change in the smartphone industry by getting rid of the headphone jack. The Rise And Fall Of The Headphone Jack — by CNBC […]

Smart Leaders Prevent Burnout With 3 Golden Rules

Target three key areas to protect your team from burnout. BY MITHU STORONI, AUTHOR OF ‘STRESS-PROOF’@STORONIMITHU   Getty Images   You’ve just landed the perfect team, generous funding, and a big once-in-a-lifetime project that will take a year to complete. You’ll be facing overwhelming workloads and intense deadlines, but you’re confident you’ll complete the project on time if everyone […]

What makes a good Product Manager?

good PMs can navigate ambiguous expectations and can apply their skills based on the team’s needs. They know the different levers to pull depending on who they’re working with and can adapt accordingly.

Top 16 Product Management Frameworks

  I believe frameworks are not the silver bullet we hope they are, however, they do help to be structured and help to be sure you think about the major factors.  Below is a collection of my top  16 Frameworks I found useful for Product Managers.    1. Story Telling Storytelling is actually the oldest […]

Why saying NO is doubly important for Product Managers.

Why saying No is doubly important to Product Managers. Effective product management often comes down to making the best choices possible with the limited resources we have. To be successful, a product manager will often have to say no — to ideas, to suggestions, and to requests or even urgent demands from both internal stakeholders […]

First 90 days in your new Product Management job

When you join a new team or company it is imperative to effectively win the trust of your new stakeholders and teams. What are the crucial steps? As a product manager you lead first and foremost through influence and relationships. Typically those organizations in tech companies are (in priority): Engineering Sales Marketing Services / Support […]