Ultimate Guide to ChatGPT for Product Managers

ChatGPT is famous now. Why not harness the power of AI for your profession in Product? I don’t think anybody will be replaced by ChatGPT. People who study it, understand it, and continue to harness the resources they have access to will be the ones who benefit.

Here are many ways to streamline your work and drive success for your product! Chat GPT Prompts can be a game-changer in this regard. As a Product Manager, you deal with various tasks such as creating Simple Product Specs, conducting User Interviews, mapping Customer Journeys, communicating with stakeholders, and more. With Chat GPT Prompts for Product Managers, you can get help with all of these tasks, from creating Meeting Agendas to writing Standup Meeting notes, to analyzing Competitors and optimizing Onboarding Experiences.

I created a spreadsheet that lists many chatGPT prompts out of the core product management areas that can help you in the day-to-day work to be a better and more efficient product manager.


I have listed many more prompts in a google sheet for many daily uses.

Here are some examples from the google sheet :

Idea generation

Painpoint: Users are struggling to upload job application to our job board website. For the pain point mentioned, brainstorm new approaches to solve the pain point for our users. Prioritize 3 ideas that are uncommon to make it easier and simpler for users to upload.
Context: We are a company that sells furniture. The trend in the furniture industry is to sell online. For our company generate 3 new product ideas that take the aforementioned trend into account.
Come up with 4 consulting service concepts for a subscription-based product management consulting service.
Create a prioritized list of 3 potential product ideas for a mobile app that helps users track their health goals.
What are some unique features that could be added to a distance-tracking device?
A mojor trend is AI. What are some innovative ideas for a video surveillance system that takes the formentioned trend into account?

Product Goals

Prompt Result
Our product delivers market insight for users and we want to focus on more real time information. Write a product goal for our product. Example product goal: Enhance our product’s real-time market insights by incorporating live data feeds and predictive analytics, resulting in faster and more accurate decision-making for our users.

Product Marketing

product"}”>Write product-related web copy to be used on our website to promote our <DESCRIBE YOUR PRODUCT> product
How can we use influencer marketing to increase trust and credibility for our brand?


Create a product feature list and use it in an email to market our ___ product
Write a thank-you email to customers who have recently purchased our __ product
I’m a Product Manager who is planning to build a new product that consists of a small GPS module and a SaaS app for Smart Cities to control temporary traffic construction sites. It helps smart cities to control traffic jams that happen around temporary construction zones and gives the city data they can incorporate into their urban data platforms. Write a 1-pager that I can share with my customers to explain the product vision & the benefits they will receive.

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