First 90 days in your new Product Management job

When you join a new team or company it is imperative to effectively win the trust of your new stakeholders and teams. What are the crucial steps? As a product manager you lead first and foremost through influence and relationships. Typically those organizations in tech companies are (in priority): Engineering Sales Marketing Services / Support […]

Mind the Product Conference 2018

The MTP Conference in San Francisco 2018 was an awesome event. Below are the videos and takeaways from the conference MindTheProduct 2018 – Roadmaps Relaunched by C. Todd Lombardo C. Todd has been tinkering and doodling since he was four years old. Originally trained as a scientist, he’s had job titles ranging from scientist, to […]

Try Feedforward instead of Feedback!

I cringe every I time hear the question, “Would you like some feedback?”Let’s face it. Feedback is a dirty word. Though we see numerous articles on how feedback is THE tool for effective leadership, the word is loaded with negative connotations. The Problem is a fundamental issue. Feedback focuses on the past – things that already occurred. […]